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Authenticating Dalí drawings and paintings is usually straightforward.

For prints and bronzes the situation is different. To the outsider, authenticating the lithographs and sculptures of Dalí feels like an impossible task because he was not tidy in keeping track of everything that was produced and reproduced and sold under his name.

Dalí would sign over the rights to the reproduction of some of his creations. Sometimes there is confusion as to who is producing the legitimate, the authorized series, because he had signed over and over again, more or less the same rights to several parties. This confusing situation exist regarding his sculptures and bronzes in particular.

The situation is somehow even more complex regarding his lithographs because he signed somewhere between 300,000 to 350,000 blank lithograph sheets with the consequence that he did not control what was printed above his signature.

If you own a Dalí lithograph, drawing, sculpture or painting, we strongly recommend you let us authenticate it and certify it for you, to remove any possible doubt its authenticity.

It will increase its value and will make it infinitely simpler to insure it, or sell it, or donate it and get a tax deduction the IRS will not challenge.

Send us a few basic photos as a first step and we will respond promptly.